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All of the Dream Fairy Families hold a special place in my heart. It has been a true privilege getting to work with each one of them and I am so grateful we were able to help each little one sleep so much better! 

Parker Whyte

18mo. old boy

We had such an amazing experience with Diane! I was so hesitant to "sleep train" and had put it off at the expense of my mental health. Diane was able to help put together a plan that made my husband and I feel comfortable and was specifically tailored to the needs of our family. I can't recommend her program enough. Communication was great and the app was so easy to use. My 1.5 year old is sleeping on his own and I never had to ignore him or his needs to make it happen. We will definitely be recommending her services to all our friends who become new parents.

Megan Ahn

22mo. old girl

I cannot say enough great things about Diane! She is an absolute miracle worker. I reached out to her to get assistance sleep training my 22 month old daughter. We are expecting baby #2 and felt it was the right time to sleep train her in preparation for the new born. She had co-slept since 3 months of age. My daughter had several habits we were trying to break. 1. Cosleeping. 2. She would only fall asleep in a carrier. 3. She required external support from my husband and I (grabbing our face for example) for comfort when falling asleep. I felt like it was an impossible task to take on. Diane was our biggest advocate. She was available at what seemed to be all hours of the day despite being on the other side of the world. There was no judgement at any point in the process, just empathy, compassion and understanding. She provided many in depth conversations to help us understand the process. Within just two short weeks, our daughter was sleeping on her own, in her crib, throughout the entire night.

If you are thinking of hiring a sleep coach, look no further. I cannot say enough great things about Diane. We are forever grateful for her!

Chantell Grove

11mo. old boy

What an amazing experience! My little boy at the time was almost 11 months, I was very hesitant to do the program because I was not sure if my son will be able to do it, he was a super attached little baby and woke up every 2hours to feed during the night and as soon as I had to put him in bed he woke up, which meant he ended up sleeping next to me so that we can just get a bit of extra sleep in. So I was so hesitant to start the program because I just felt that I don’t know if it will work, especially after night 1, hé was fine being put into his bed but when he realised what was going on he took more than an hour and 30mins to settle and I was like I can’t do this, but Diane was AMAZING she stayed up with me the whole night giving me encouragement and assisting all the way and we survived night 1. She recommended small changes for night 2 and he was put into bed at 7:55 he settled himself and he slept till 4:45, I had to go into his room to see if he is still okay because I was in shock!! I couldn’t believe that he slept so long, my body was even in shock! From there it just got better and better hé is sleeping through the night and if he wakes up he is able to settle himself and fall back to sleep again. It has been such a game changer in our house!!! I can highly recommend Diane she is amazing and understands a mommies heart and needs! She is always available to assist and guide one when one needs it. She has changed our life’s in more than one way!! Thank you for all you have done for our family!

Katie Holland

3.5y old boy

Diane (the Dream Fairy) was extremely kind, welcoming, reassuring, professional, and empathetic. Very detail-oriented and remembered things that even I had forgotten, in my sleep-deprived state! She is very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding about what little ones need to improve their sleep - which helps the whole family. Diane gave me a sense of empowerment to change things for the better. She was a delight to work with and helped get our sleep situation resolved. I would highly recommend her services!

Joanne Sweeney

2y old girl

Diane is simply INCREDIBLE! I reached out to Diane for help with sleep training my 2 year old girl who was resisting sleep for a gruelling 1.5 months! The patience, kindness and generosity shown by Diane from the minute we connected was overwhelming. She gave us very clear, step by step tailored made instructions to tackle our little girls sleep problems and we saw progress straight away even though her tactics were very gentle. Diane’s support was invaluable to us and I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much Diane, we are so grateful for your support during one of the most challenging times in our parenthood.

Thibault Dufresne

1y old girl

Just Prior to our daughter reaching 1 year old, she was still only able to fall asleep in our arms being rocked to sleep (night and naps).
Through a personalized sleep plan tailor-made for our daughter, Diane was able to help us sleep train her in 2 weeks, even though we already saw massive improvements after a couple of nights.
Her help was invaluable and would gladly recommend her.

Carolina Lima

1y old girl

I can’t recommend it enough!!
Diane was simply amazing and magical!
My daughter was 11 months old whenever we reached out , and we thought she was already “too old” to learn how to sleep by herself.
We were frustrated with our daughter s sleep, sometimes taking over 1h 30 of rocking and she would only nap for 20 minutes. We tried everything that google had suggested and nothing helped.
Diane was so knowledgeable, kind and patient! Her quick replies to our infinite questions, and the supportive material that we printed helped a lot.
I can say that she changed our lives for good.
Our baby can now sleep by herself (without crying) , and sometimes taking as long as couple of minutes !

Thank you Diane!!

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